Snorkling or Diving? I want both :p

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I got this picture from him having snorkling in Bunaken last weekend. Actually, How lucky! He had a chance to go there, one of beautiful diving areas in North of Sulawesi in my wish list.

I Love Monday!!!

In the second day of daylight saving time I wake up earlier, not like as usual. at 6 am in the morning it was still dark. Couples month ago, I used to have a morning wake up above 8, since the sun usually rose late in winter. Now and then, One thing that I remembered, that some birds were singing beautifully forced me not to fall asleep again in my bed cover. Then I immediately stood up and did my pray. Afterward, I began my Monday by reading couples of Market and Competition handouts. I just couldn't believe myself that I had a beautiful start in the morning.

My mom always says, "If you have a good start in the morning, you will get a good day."

I believe it now, and that's what happened in my Monday :)

Fortunately, I felt very lucky on that day. unexpectedly I got a bonus from a butcher whom I always buy meat or chicken. His shop is the nearest and biggest Halal butchery nearby my dorm. He's so generous. I thought he felt so sympathetic seeing me alone waiting bus at the bus stop from his window. He called me, "come,,come,," then I crossed the road. in my mind I thought there was something left in his shop. well, it was not the case. He gave me a plastic of meat, the same as I just bought from him.

I don't look on what I got free. I do learn how to make someone happy will bring you a much more meaningful life. I do also learn that I should use my only limited time in my life to make other people happy :)


-Nazar Market-
Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 137, Groningen

Trough the two windows on the right, he saw me sitting at the bus stop alone waiting for the bus coming.

Turkish Yoghurt Soup

Saturday, March 27, 2010

this is a kind of dishes from Turkey. my turkish dorm friend gave this what she called "yoghurt soup". she spelt it what-so-ever turkish name of this soup, but i could not remember what she said to me. she told me that her mom used to cook it when she was at home.

how does it taste?

honestly,,,,it's really really plain..since it made from yoghurt, the only flavor i can taste is plain yoghurt. that's all. even she told me that she put mint leaves in it, i could not taste it. when i tried my second spoon, I found rice in it..hmm,,,kind of unique soup.

well, thanks Melda for giving me a bowl of "yoghurt soup"


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have a new blog now. I dont know why, for me blogging in Blogger is ultimately more comfy that in Multiply. Couple days ago, I made a new blog in multiply but it was unfamiliar for me to write down a post there as well as to do some technical things, like improving its style.

I have been blogging since four years ago. However, I left my old blog for the latest two years, due to a confidential matter. Back in those years, I was really hate openning my blog since it reminded me with something that I wanted to throw away.I was too busy to distract myself with some other new things that challenged me to achieve a better life.

Here I am now!!it's a NEW's a NEW's a NEW's a NEW start..

Enjoy :)

P.S. a beautiful spring atmosphere inspires me to write again :) I love spring!!!